The Intermission Project – Sorry

11 Feb

The Intermission Project! Formed recently by vocal lead and guitarist Jim and backup vocalist and auxiliary instrumentalist (Banjo, Bells, Mandolin, etc.), Alex. Both chaps from Kent, and they met Sam, backup vocalist and auxiliary instrumentalist (Percussion, cello, saxophone, etc.),  after a gig and became friends now they all play music together. The trio are still learning and have taken a gap year to focus on music and boy am I happy about that. Nothing is better than when people follow their dreams.

The Intermission Project released their first EP, Sorry, on September 23, 2013. I HIGHLY recommend everyone to pick it up and back these guys on their journey. The opening, and title track, Sorry, is an upbeat love song. A new take on the apologetic love song, filled with hope instead of the usual sorrow. The second track, I’ve Been Waiting, has got to be one of my favourites. Guitar, Banjo, and a sweet, sweet Alto Saxophone. Another upbeat tune, with a soulful and playful edge. The closing track to their EP is Come Away With Me. This track has something magical about it. The lyrics tell a story. 

Thoughts for the future?

I am really excited about this band. Hopefully they’ll be in my area sometime soon and I’ll get to see them live. I’m trying to get in contact with them to record their album this winter, so that’d be an awesome chance as well! Fingers crossed! Check them out on SoundCloud and their website for updates.

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